We at STAR INTERNATIONAL have created a service package that is tailored to your business requirements. Our staff is made up of a very skilled blend of marketing professionals, QC managers with extensive experience, and production planners with technical knowledge. Our primary objective as your partner abroad is to serve as your eyes and ears on the ground.

Step 1


Understanding your products and requirements and bargaining with vendors.

Step 2


An expert product development team, focusing on creating new, creative goods in accordance with your needs.

Step 3

Production & Follow-up

A dedicated crew will track your order every step of the way. Moreover, Trained Quality Analysts present on site to review all the processes every step of the way.

Step 5

Logistics& Shipping

THE PRODUCT IS SHIPPED to your assigned warehouse.

Step 4

Final Audit and Detailed Inspection

Detailed Final Inspection report developed. Items are not shipped until the report is approved


Sourcing is not just about price, it is about deciding the right fit between customer, vendor, and product. Our sourcing team provides the following services allowing us to

Product Development

Once our sourcing team have managed to identity a vendor to suit your requirements and agreed terms with them, our product development team steps in. We boast one of the most active and experienced product development teams in Pakistan. The team provides the following services:
• Developing and collecting innovative products to give you the edge in the market
• Staying relevant in the fashion industry by constant research on trends and innovations to advise you in the best possible way
• Meticulously following up all products in the development stage to ensure all quality and design standards are being followed.

Production & Follow-Up

A dedicated team follows each production order from development until shipment. We believe in transparency. Star International provides the following services:
• We keep a unique and strict documentation record to ensure a bird’s eye view of the production line is available to you, as our customer
• Diligent follow ups of all items in production at every step to avoid any undesired delays in shipment as well as to be aware of the delays long before they happen
• We update both customer and vendor on our analysis of production timelines
• We do pre-placement meetings to avoid any testing or production failure

Final Audit & Detailed Inspection

A Detailed Final Inspection Report is Developed and until the report is approved no items are being shipped.

Logistics & Shipping

Finally, The Product is SHIPPED to your assigned warehouse where you can conduct a personal audit.