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Star International Pakistan was established in 2010, because of my desire and determination to establish a sourcing business that adopted a customer-oriented working style based on thorough observation of the customers’ demands for goods and services. Star International has developed into one of the top global sourcing firms for home textiles today, with annual sales exceeding $20 million and a prestigious clientele from all over the world.

Considering that our amazing success today is the result of our team’s extremely devoted and dedicated work, as well as the efforts of trustworthy manufacturers, fills me with tremendous satisfaction and pride. Over the years, we have built mutual trust and a close relationship with our key business partners. The relationship of trust we have built with our essential business partners over the years has always been mutually beneficial and a continual source of inspiration. We see this partnership as a long-term advantage for our business.

I anticipated seeing Star International develop quickly under the skilled management of my business team. Our shared goal is to not only please our current partners but also to take advantage of the global market’s potential. We understand that to do this, we must be aggressive, creative, and fast in providing our clients with goods, designs, and information from across the globe. Customer satisfaction with the high calibre of our goods and follow-up services will continue to be the defining characteristic of our business.

The economic success of the country, in the opinion of Star International, depends on the professional growth of the brilliant and adaptable human resource that exist in our country. Our Corporate Social Responsibility side continues to take numerous efforts for the advancement of Education, Training, and Women Empowerment, notably in the textile industry and other chosen professional disciplines, as part of our commitment to “Giving Back” to society.

I wish my talented staff and respected business partners, both domestically and internationally, the very best for thrilling success in their various operations and companies.

Muhammad Imran

Director Star International

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Senior Marketing Manager

M Ahmed Asghar

Business Development Executive